Migrant farmers leave their country in the hopes of a better life in America, but being here illegally does not give them the same benefits as those with citizenship’s. Not all farm workers are illegal, but about 6 out of 10 are. The reason for that is with our immigration system today, it is so broken and difficult to obtain citizenship without having family here with citizenship, or having money. Most immigrants come here leaving their country to try to make more money and build a life for their kids and future generations. So why make it so difficult to let them live here? In this article; http://nfwm.org/education-center/farm-worker-issues/farm-workers-immigration/ the writer talks about how immigrants lack basic rights, they are being treated less than the citizens of this country and are unable to obtain their own citizenship because of it. The system contradicts itself in that way, leaving immigrants to come to America wanting a better life and some to be educated but cannot do anything without the assistance of money or an education.


People can wait multiple years for getting their citizenship approved, and are forced to try to build a life around it. In the article; http://otherwords.org/latest-crack-in-our-broken-immigration-system/ the author Diana Torres talks about a Mexican immigrants personal experience with the Immigration system that is still the same today, she talks about how he had to leave Mexico in order to survive, but has waited about 16 years for a green card.

The immigration system is long and complex, if it were to be simplified and easier to get through out country we have a significantly less number of illegal immigrants. There are more than 40 million immigrants who came here in search for a better life for themselves and their families, and less than half are naturalized U.S citizens. The United States could benefit from an immigration system that is more responsive to the economic conditions. In our current immigration system, legal immigrants don’t disrupt the business cycle in the US. This meaning if all immigrants are legalized then they will not take up all the jobs and throw off the balance of the business cycle.

Initially our steps in revising the immigration system should be, by strengthening our border patrol, finding out what companies are hiring undocumented immigrants, try to provide a simpler path for undocumented immigrants so we can boost our economy and keep families together and helping them live out the American dream.




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